Three-Seated Destroyer

Here is another spacecraft model from the Perry Rhodan universe (de), the Three-Seated Destroyer (Drei-Mann-Zerstörer). With a length of 30 meters it is a small spacecraft that is typically carried aboard larger ships, because it has no FTL capability. This spaceship appeared very early in the series, here is a cutaway drawing (de) of the original design.

Destroyer, front

As usual I took some liberties when building the model. It is is inspired a little bit by the TOPSID class destroyer (de), but keeps the delta wings and the nose-mounted cannon of the original design. The body is slim and slightly triangular, which underlines the aggressive nature of the ship. I have omitted the second cannon on the underside of the body, there is a torpedo bay instead. There are no pics, though, you'll have to take my word for it! :)

Here are some construction details, if you are interested.

Destroyer, top

The following picture is a close-up of the cockpit. You can see the three seats that give its name to the ship (but one is partially hidden behind a beam). The consoles are illuminated using flourescent color and the airlock chamber behind the cockpit is illuminated using phosphorescent ("glow-in-the-dark") color. I have tinted the canopy deep blue, which obscurs the details of the interior a bit, but looks soo cool! :)

Destroyer, cockpit

The details of the cockpit can be seen a lot clearer with the canopy removed. There is a phosphorescent bar on one side of the cockpit, which intensifies the glow in the cabin when illuminated with an UV lamp. The seats are arranged like in a theater, so that crew sitting in the rear can look over the front seats. Here is a picture of the seat arrangement before inserting the cockpit.

Destroyer, cockpit, open

Look at that exhaust nozzle! The destroyer is supposed to be a fast ship, and this rear view supports the claim beautifully! A primer of white color and multiple layers of flourescent color make it possible.

Destroyer, rear

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