Science Fiction, Baby!

Drawings, sketches, and models by Nils M Holm. More to come.

Cover art and interior art for the science fiction novel Star Tramp, 1987, finished in 2011. Don't read it — it's really trashy!

Sketch for the cover art of the science fiction novel Raumfische, 1985.

Space Jet from the Perry Rhodan universe (German). Submitted to the magazine in 1986, but never published (AFAIK).

Motorbike, 1:16, 1987, from scratch (PS sheets) and left-over parts. Designed for Star Tramp, but never appears in the novel.

Korvette docked in a ground station, from the Perry Rhodan universe (German). 1:750 model, 1980's, built from left-over parts.

The Stuff of Nightmares, 1980's. Later adorned the cover of the 2nd and 3rd edition of the Scheme 9 book.

Backup, 2011. Unfinished cover art for an unpublished novel.

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