The T3X9 Compiler

The compiler translates from T3X version 9 directly to FreeBSD-386-ELF. It does not require any assembler, linker, or other additional programs. I suspect that it can be ported to other 32-bit ELF Unixes in about half an hour.

Here are some random facts about the T3X9 compiler (book version, measured on a 750MHz notebook computer running 10.1-FreeBSD):

Here is the full compiler source code of the book version. You may prefer to download it below, though.

t3x9.tgz (33K bytes, book version)
t3x9r4.tgz (60K bytes, extended version)

The T3X9 archive contains the compiler source code, the source code for a bootstrapping compiler in C, the documentation, and a pre-compiled FreeBSD ELF binary! The extended version also contains a T3X9->VM compiler, a virtual machine, and a VM binary of the compiler, and a test suite.

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