T3XFORTH is an old-school, plain vanilla FORTH system that is mostly compatible to FORTH-79 with some parts borrowed from FIG FORTH, FORTH-83, and EFORTH, and taking some inspiration from Leo Brodie's (classic, 1983) book, "Starting FORTH".

T3XFORTH runs on 8086 processors under DOS on an IBM PC, or stand-alone using the PC BIOS. It can also run on 32-bit Unix systems using a T3XFORTH VM emulator.

Here is some T3XFORTH code for your amusement.

High-Level Core Words
Primitive Core Words
Double Words
Meta Compiler
System Utility Words

Here is the glossary with descriptions of all T3XFORTH core and double words.

Finally, here is some stuff to download: (105KB)
Source code archive. Contains the complete source code in T3XFORTH and T3X as well as DOS COM files of the T3XFORTH kernel and all tools needed to rebuild the system. Also includes the glossary and the source code of a T3XFORTH VM emulator in C. (51KB)
A bootable 1440KB floppy image file for IBM PC's. Requires a PC-compatible BIOS and 64KB or RAM. Containing all T3XFORTH programs of the above and the glossary.

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