Supported Systems

The T3X/0 compiler is very portable and easily retargetted to different systems. Currently the following host and target platforms are supported, and self-compilation is possible on all supported systems.

  Target → TCVM CP/M-Z80 DOS-8086 Unix (*)
Host ↓          
TCVM tx-unix-*.tc
DOS-8086 n/a
CP/M-Z80 n/a
Unix (*)   tx-tcvm tx-cpm tx-dos tx-unix-*

(*) See below

Unix Back Ends

There are currently four Unix back ends:

Most Unix back ends can only be installed on the system hosting the compiler, e.g. unix-386 on a 386-class machine. However, the unix-386 and fbsd-386 backends can be installed on the same machine and selected at compile time. The unix-386 and unix-686 backends can also coexist on a 64-bit x86 machine.

The FreeBSD backend does not depend on the LIBC and generates static executables. However, it is lacking the t.break function of the runtime library, because modern software is a mess.

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