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SIM65KIT is a simulator, monitor, assembler, and disassembler for the 6502 processor with some rudimentary KIM-1 / KIM-Uno simulation built in. It also contains various utility programs for exchanging data with the KIM, like a KIM papertape conversion program and a papertape upload program with send delay.

There are no pre-compiled binaries in the archive, so a T3X/0 compiler is needed to compile the programs in the SIM65KIT. The programs can be compiled for DOS, CP/M, 386-based Unix, and the Tcode/0 machine.

The simulator runs at (much!) more than full 1MHz speed on modern Unix systems and at about 3000 instructions per second on a 4MHz Z80 system. Even a TCVM binary of the simulator will offer more than full 1MHz speed. On the 1000MHz x86-64 of the author, a TCVM binary simulates a 6502 running at about 21MHz.

The programs contained in the SIM65KIT are currently not very well tested and may contain some rough edges. In particular they have not passed any 6502 evaluation suite. They were useful enough, though, to develop the included monitor program and the KIM pocket calculator.

Downloads (source code, ~30KB)
The full T3X/0 source code to the simulator, assembler, disassembler, monitor, and all utility programs. (DOS binary, ~20KB)
Simulator binary for {DR,MS,PC,whatever}-DOS. (CP/M binary, ~25KB)
Simulator binary for CP/M 2.2. Needs a Z80 CPU. Configured for a VT-100 terminal (works fine in xterm, etc).

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