More (or Less) Serious Programs

A (growing) collection of programs written in T3X/0.


KILO LISP 22/0 is a small interpreter and REPL for purely symbolic LISP. It is the T3X/0 version of KILO LISP 22. Because it is written in T3X/0, it can be compiled to a tiny model DOS program (COM file) and, when reducing the cons pool size a little, it might even "run" on CP/M (although this will probably not be much fun).

KLISP 22/0 offers: lexical scoping, tail call elimination, macros, quasiquotation, variable-argument functions, constant-space garbage collection, image files, line editing and history, and more than 5K free cons cells on DOS.

Download: klisp220.tgz (42KB)


LADDERS screen shot

A text-mode game inspired by the classic LADDER game from 1982, but slightly different.

Runs on CP/M, DOS, 386-based Unix, and on the TCVM (as of T3X/0 version 17). The package contains the source code as well as COM files for DOS and CP/M.

Do calibrate the delay loop before running the game! (By pressing [C] in the title screen)

Download: (29KB)


A simulator, monitor, assembler, and disassembler for the 6502 processor with some rudimentary KIM-1 / KIM-Uno simulation built in. Also contains various utility programs for exchanging data with the KIM.

More details and download

VE — A Visual Editor

A small but hopefully useful subset of the Unix editor VI. Runs in slowopen mode, so it works particularly well over slow serial lines, because it keeps screen updates to a minimum. Files are kept in memory, so file size is limited.

Download: (19KB), (just in case)

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