The T3X Programming Language

Formal Definition

Lulu Press, 2024 • 142 pages • 6" x 9" format

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Okay, so this book attempts to define the semantics of T3X/0 formally, in terms of basic functions (zero, successor, identity, μ) and naive set theory. It assumes that you already know that basic math (addition, multiplication, etc) can be defined in terms of basic functions, but recommends literature, if you don't.

This is essentially the complete version of the formal semantics started in Lightweight Compiler Techniques. Only took me 27 years to get back to it, LOL.

When I started writing this book some two years ago, it seemed like a good idea for some reason. Now I cannot really come up with any justification for its existence, but since it was pretty much finished almost one year ago, I might as well publish it. Maybe somebody out there will find it useful.

The only part that I consider to be interesting is the chapter on mapping Tcode to CPU instructions, which mostly consists of a set of tables that translate Tcode to Z80, 8086, and ARMv6 assembly language. It is in the sample pages, so you do not have to buy the book, if that's all you want.

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