This source file is part of the SubC compiler, which is described in the book

Practical Compiler Construction.

You might prefer to download the compiler source code. It is in the public domain.

Global Data

All the global data objects used by the compiler are defined/declared in this file.

 *	NMH's Simple C Compiler, 2011,2012
 *	Global variables

#ifndef _extern
 #define _extern extern

_extern FILE	*Infile;
_extern FILE	*Outfile;
_extern int	Token;
_extern char	Text[TEXTLEN+1];
_extern int	Value;
_extern int	Line;
_extern int	Errors;
_extern int	Syntoken;
_extern int	Putback;
_extern int	Rejected;
_extern int	Rejval;
_extern char	Rejtext[TEXTLEN+1];
_extern char	*File;
_extern char	*Basefile;
_extern char	*Macp[MAXNMAC];
_extern int	Macc[MAXNMAC];
_extern int	Mp;
_extern int	Expandmac;
_extern int	Ifdefstk[MAXIFDEF], Isp;
_extern int	Inclev;
_extern int	Textseg;

/* symbol tabel structure */
_extern char	*Names[NSYMBOLS];
_extern char	Prims[NSYMBOLS];
_extern char	Types[NSYMBOLS];
_extern char	Stcls[NSYMBOLS];
_extern int	Sizes[NSYMBOLS];
_extern int	Vals[NSYMBOLS];
_extern char	*Mtext[NSYMBOLS];
_extern int	Globs;
_extern int	Locs;

_extern int	Thisfn;

/* name list */
_extern char	Nlist[POOLSIZE];
_extern int	Nbot;
_extern int	Ntop;

_extern int	Breakstk[MAXBREAK], Bsp;
_extern int	Contstk[MAXBREAK], Csp;
_extern int	Retlab;

/* local init structure */
_extern int	LIaddr[MAXLOCINIT];
_extern int	LIval[MAXLOCINIT];
_extern int	Nli;

_extern char	*Files[MAXFILES];
_extern int	Nf;

_extern int	O_verbose;
_extern int	O_componly;
_extern int	O_asmonly;
_extern int	O_testonly;
_extern char	*O_outfile;
_extern int	O_debug;

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