SubC Change Log

This source file is part of the SubC compiler, which is described in the book

Practical Compiler Construction.

You might prefer to download the compiler source code. It is in the public domain.

2022-01-27 Fix: calling a function pointer in a struct did not work.
2022-01-27 Fixed synchronization after syntax error. Thanks, Paul Edwards!
2022-01-23 Fixed a bug in struct declaration. Thanks, Paul Edwards!
2021-08-17 Changed type of jmp_buf, so that setjmp(jmp_buf) works (without &).
2021-08-17 Fixed array declarations in typedef struct.
2021-08-17 Added file name argument to #line preprocessor directive.
2021-08-16 Added support for anonymous structs.
2021-08-16 Added mixed struct and struct object declarations: struct {...} x;
2021-08-16 Cleaned up some typedef corner cases.
2021-08-16 Using typedef instead of #define in libc.
2021-08-16 Fixed a bug in malloc()'s defrag(). Thanks, Jean-Marc Lienher!
2021-08-15 Added a subset of the typedef statement and user-defined types.
2021-08-15 Fix: zero-size arrays are now invalid.
2021-08-13 Fix: removed invalid optimization x*2^n-->x<<n. Thanks, Bill Buzbee!
2016-12-12 Fix: char c=-2; stored -2, but char is unsigned. (also by Volkmar)
2016-12-01 Fix: f(a[1] && a[0]) would generate wrong code. Thanks, Volkmar!
2016-11-28 Fix: (a,1),2 would generate wrong code. (also by Volkmar)
2016-11-24 Fix: (x|1)|(x>1) would generate wrong code. Thanks again, Volkmar!
2016-08-07 OpenBSD: not linking against crtbegin.o. Thanks, Volkmar Klatt!
2016-07-26 Added NetBSD/386 port supplied by Minux. Thanks!
2016-07-26 Applied signal() patch for NetBSD/x86-64. Thanks, Minux!
2016-02-17 Patch: added // comments. Thanks again, Steve!
2016-02-16 Fix: Darwin back-end emitted wrong asm code. Thanks, Steve Ward!
2016-02-16 Fix: SubC would miscompile x<256;x=0; (crash). Thanks, Quan Tran!
2016-02-16 Fix: freopen() had a precedence error. (also by Quan Tran)
2016-02-16 Fix: Constant folding miscalculated right-shift. (also by Quan Tran)
2015-02-18 Fix: Emitted wrong arguments to MULQ on x86 in struct* scaling.
2015-02-02 Fix: Long init lists in array declarations could run out of nodes.
2014-12-07 Fix: strncpy() should pad destination. Thanks, Alexey Frunze!
2014-12-07 Fix: fseek() should return 0 on success. (also by Alexey)
2014-12-07 Fix: longjmp() may not pass 0 to setjmp(). (also by Alexey)
2014-12-07 Fixed byte shift code emitted for x86. Thanks, Teran McKinney!
2014-06-22 Running extended triple test only in case of failure.
2014-06-03 Fix: syntax errors in constexprs could crash the compiler.
2014-05-25 Updated and re-organized documentation.
2014-05-24 Added operation reordering (tree skewing), e.g.: a+b*c --> b*c+a.
2014-05-24 Added strength reduction 2/2^N --> 2>>N.
2014-05-24 Added strength reduction 2*2^N --> 2<<N.
2014-05-20 Fix: convert '/' in all commands paths in Windows system().
2014-05-19 Applied patch for fixing system() on Windows. Thanks, Jean-Marc!
2014-05-18 Added OpenBSD ELF note.
2014-05-18 Fix: missed some functions when adapting OpenBSD crt0 to R-L calls.
2014-05-18 Applied more Windows patches by Jean-Marc Lienher. Thanks!
2014-05-17 Updated documentation.
2014-05-17 Changed random number test in libtest.c.
2014-05-17 Made kprintf() convert '\n' on descriptors 1,2 on DOS.
2014-05-16 Made some stdio functions emit CR,LF for '\n' on stdout/err on DOS.
2014-05-14 Added triple test script to gather data in case of failure.
2014-05-14 Added some DOS #ifdef:s to libtest.c (./file vs .\file).
2014-05-14 Adapted printf test in libtest.c for 16-bit systems.
2014-05-13 Fixed setjmp() function in DOS port (overwrote caller's memory).
2014-05-12 Updated documentation.
2014-05-10 Fix: added installation of (non-stdio) ncrt0.o to Makefile.
2014-05-10 Applied a load of Windows patches by Jean-Marc Lienher. Thanks!
2014-05-09 Fix: wrong Opt_sum_lim when BPW != sizeof(int).
2014-05-09 Removed constant expr parser, using constant folding instead.
2014-05-05 Increased NODEPOOLSZ.
2014-05-05 Windows port builds, but programs crash; back to EXPERIMENTAL.
2014-05-05 Changed winbuild.bat to print instructions, using make again.
2014-05-04 Changed triple test to use assembly output instead of binaries.
2014-05-04 Added -N (don't use stdio) flag and generation of ncrt0's.
2014-05-03 Removed "make" from winbuild.bat script (probably still broken).
2014-05-03 Fix: remove trailing '\r' in preprocessor lines.
2014-05-03 Gave up writing a signal(3) function for NetBSD. Using libc for now.
2014-05-03 Removed almost all libc dependencies from NetBSD-x86-64 crt0.
2014-05-02 Removed libc dependencies from FreeBSD-x86-64 crt0.
2014-05-01 Fixed order of argc/argv on DOS port (due to changed calling conv).
2014-05-01 Marked all untested ports "untested".
2014-05-01 Added removal of zero offsets from address computation.
2014-04-30 Adapted all remaining ports to new calling convention.
2014-04-29 Adapted NetBSD-x86-64 crt0 to new calling convention.
2014-04-29 Adapted FreeBSD-x86-64 crt0, build failed, marked BROKEN.
2014-04-28 Adapted FreeBSD-armv6 crt0 to new calling convention.
2014-04-28 Adapted FreeBSD-386 crt0 to new calling convention.
2014-04-28 Removed varargs redefinition hack (no longer needed).
2014-04-28 Changed calling convention to standard C (right-to-left).
2014-04-27 Added optimizer.
2014-04-26 Added tree abstraction.
2014-04-20 Forked this version.
2014-04-07 Fixed XSTRIP and SNM programs on 16-bit systems.
2014-04-05 Made s86 cache code for faster resolution of forward references.
2014-04-05 Fix: missing file name in error messages due to refactoring.
2014-04-03 Added DOS build script (targets/dos-8086/dosbuild.bat).
2014-04-02 Clean-up and misc. small fixes.
2014-04-01 The compiler can now be cross-compiled to DOS.
2014-04-01 Updated codumentation.
2014-04-01 Added DOS/EXE targets to Makefiles.
2014-03-31 Made compiler controller a separate executable on DOS.
2014-03-31 Factored out compiler controller.
2014-03-29 Documented bootstrapping of the DOS version.
2014-03-28 Added minimal runtime for compiling SCC86 on DOS.
2014-03-28 Added system() function for DOS.
2014-03-28 Added heap limit check to DOS _sbrk().
2014-03-27 Fix: struct_type[x] generated wrong offset.
2014-03-25 Turned __argc keyword into a local variable.
2014-03-23 Fix: #error could be mistakenly executed in negative #ifdef.
2014-03-22 Fix: fseek() could truncate files on DOS (zero-length _write()).
2014-03-22 Fix: OpenBSD sys.h file had wrong name.
2014-03-22 Changed default output file name for Windows.
2014-03-21 Fix: sizeof(void) was not an error.
2014-03-21 Made scc keep non-temporary object files.
2014-03-21 Added ufseek() (unsigned fseek) function to S86.
2014-03-20 Updated documentation.
2014-03-19 Both S86 and SLD run on 16-bit systems now.
2014-03-19 Made SLD store its relocation buffer on disk.
2014-03-19 Updated build script for windows. (untested!)
2014-03-18 Changed malloc() over-alloc. threshold for 16-bit systems.
2014-03-18 Made SLD store its relocation table on disk.
2014-03-17 Cleaned up the S86 tool chain, moved to s86/.
2014-03-17 Added setjmp() and longjmp() to DOS crt0.
2014-03-17 Made s86 write RELOC table to file to save memory.
2014-03-16 Added volatile keyword (as no-op).
2014-03-14 Misc. small fixes to libc (purely stylistic).
2014-03-14 Made printf("%s",NULL); print (NULL) instead of crash.
2014-03-14 Added missing CG prototypes.
2014-03-13 Added arena check to realloc().
2014-03-13 Added ad-hoc libc test suite. (tests/libtest.c)
2014-03-13 Implemented proper (unsigned) pointer comparison. (all back-ends)
2014-03-13 Fix: missing cmp queue commit in queue_cmp() (all back-ends).
2014-03-11 Fix: _vformat() crashed on unknown % sequences.
2014-03-11 Fix: limited octal escape sequences to three digits.
2014-03-11 Fix: added code to handle void values in expressions.
2014-03-11 Improved long usage (-d ?), misc cosmetical fixes.
2014-03-09 Updated misc. docs.
2014-03-06 Added code to fuse logic ops and conditional jumps (optimization).
2014-02-26 Fixed code generator bug in armv6 back end.
2014-02-26 Fixed alignment in galloc() for cross-compilation.
2014-02-25 Added vprintf(), vfprintf(), and vsprintf() functions.
2014-02-25 Added (slightly incompatible) varargs mechanism.
2014-02-23 Fixed duplicate register use in 8086 CG.
2014-02-21 Made s86 keep its code output on disk instead of in memory.
2014-02-20 Moved switch tables to code segment.
2014-02-19 Documented SLD (small loader) file formats.
2014-02-18 Fixed DOSRELOC bug in SLD.
2014-02-17 Successfully cross-compiled main(){printf("hi\n");} for DOS/8086.
2014-02-17 Fixed wrong DUP argument in S86.
2014-02-17 Fixed wrong return value in fread().
2014-02-16 Updated docs, misc. cosmetic changes.
2014-02-15 Added tests/sys.c program for testing crt0 functions.
2014-02-15 Fixed %p in *printf functions (wrong result for values < 0).
2014-02-14 Wrote simple crt0 test suite.
2014-02-14 Added fcntl.h include file, added SEEK_* constants to unistd.h.
2014-02-13 Removed system libc dependencies from freebsd-armv6 crt0.
2014-02-12 Removed system libc dependencies from freebsd-386 crt0.
2014-02-12 Re-organized targets/ directory, adapted configure script.
2014-02-07 Added FreeBSD/armv6 crt0 (crt0-freebsd-armv6.s).
2014-02-06 Added FreeBSD/armv6 back-end (cgarmv6.c).
2014-02-05 Added alignment option to galloc() for CPUs with aligned access.
2014-02-03 Fix: wait_bye should not be visible at C level in Darwin crt0.
2014-02-03 Added version info (-V option).
2014-02-02 Renamed cerror() due to libc conflict (FreeBSD 10.0-RC5). wtf?!
2014-01-19 Updated configure script.
2014-01-19 Removed old, stack-based back-end.
2014-01-15 Fixed alignment of environ and __progname in x86-64 crt0's.
2014-01-15 Added experimental support for Darwin/x86-64. Thanks, Romain LWPB!
2014-01-15 Made CG emit ".comm" instead of ".lcomm/.globl" for globals.
2014-01-14 Added OpenBSD/386 crt0 module (crt0-openbsd-386.s). Thanks, Romain!
2014-01-05 Removed superfluous system libc from linux sys.h.
2013-09-25 Fixed missing error messge in linker invocation.
2013-08-29 Added BUILD.BAT script for Windows by Jean-Marc Lienher. Thanks!
2013-05-24 Fixed a potential bug in the SYN/386 generator. Thanks, JM Lienher!
2013-05-21 Cleaned up the Windows code a bit (purely stylistic).
2013-05-18 Updated README, described Windows/MinGW port.
2013-05-18 Added FreeBSD voodoo section to 386 port. Thanks, Bakul Shah!
2013-05-17 Added Windows/386 support supplied by Jean-Marc Lienher. Thanks!
2013-02-28 Fix: fread() returned wrong length for partially filled buffers.
2013-02-27 Fix: setjmp()/longjmp() did not work properly.
2013-02-26 Fix: struct x { int *a, *b; }; generated int **b.
2013-02-21 Added a synthesizing back-end for the x86-64.
2013-02-19 Fix: *p+=n and *p-=n with int *p yielded wrong result.
2013-02-19 Fix: stdout was not line-buffered.
2013-02-18 Made printf %p output unsigned.
2013-02-18 Fixed wrong output of printf("%d", INT_MIN);
2013-02-18 Finished new code-synthesizing back-end.
2013-02-13 Added pointer arithmetics test suite.
2013-02-03 Reversed this file.
2013-02-03 Fixed some typos, updated book link in README.
2012-12-03 Added the linux x86-64 crt0 module supplied by "minux". Thanks!
2012-05-14 Made the compiler clean up *.o files after linking.
2012-05-14 Added -vvv option (also lists remove commands).
2012-05-14 Fix: reporting non-existent source files without .[sc] suffix.
2012-05-07 Fix: middle argument of ?: is an expr (not a logic op).
2012-04-27 Renamed syscall.h to unistd.h for portability.
2012-04-26 Removed all GNU libc dependencies from Linux crt0.
2012-04-25 Added the Linux/386 crt0 module (crt0-linux-386.s).
2012-04-18 Added a configure script.
2012-04-18 Moved machine word size to target description.
2012-04-17 Added the FreeBSD/x86-64 crt0 module (crt0-freebsd-x86-64.s).
2012-04-17 Improved some error messages.
2012-04-16 Fixed an off-by-one error in getenv().
2012-04-15 Re-organized archive to support multiple targets.
2012-04-15 Experimental NetBSD/x86 support completed.
2012-04-14 Added the NetBSD/x86-64 startup module (crt0-netbsd-x86-64.s).
2012-04-13 Added the x86-64 code generator (cgx86-64.c).
2012-04-12 Fixed increment/decrement of pointer to struct/union.
2012-04-05 Made structs/unions invalid operands to arithmetic ops.
2012-04-05 Added struct/union cast operators.
2012-04-04 Added proper struct* arithmetics for + and -.
2012-04-03 Added proper struct* arithmetics for ++ and --.
2012-04-03 Added #error, #line, #pragma preprocessor commands.
2012-04-03 Added the kprintf() function (fd-based printf()).
2012-04-03 Fixed pointer arithmetics (struct/union**).
2012-04-02 Made FILE a struct. (Breaking stdio library!)
2012-04-02 Fixed declaration parser (accept fn returning struct/union).
2012-04-01 Changed jmp_buf type from int[2] to struct _jmp_buf.
2012-03-31 Added struct/union access semantics.
2012-03-30 Added struct/union access syntax (x->y and x.y).
2012-03-30 Added local static struct/union definition semantics.
2012-03-29 Added local struct/union definition syntax and semantics.
2012-03-29 Added global struct/union definition syntax and semantics.
2012-03-28 Added struct/union symbol table support.
2012-03-27 Added global struct/union declaration syntax.
2012-03-26 Added static prototypes.
2012-03-26 Added local extern identifiers.
2012-03-26 Added local enum declarations.
2012-03-26 Added auto and register keywords (no-ops).
2012-03-26 Made "&array" valid syntax.

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