Fixes - 2nd Edition Book Version

This source file is part of the SubC compiler, which is described in the book

Practical Compiler Construction.

You might prefer to download the compiler source code. It is in the public domain.

2022-04-19 Fix: replaced syscall.h by unistd.h
2022-04-19 Fix: removed leading '_' from system call names
2022-01-27 Fix: synchronization after syntax error. (Paul Edwards)
2021-08-16 Fix: bug in malloc()'s defrag(). (Jean-Marc Lienher)
2016-02-16 Fix: precedence error in freopen(). (Quan Tran)
2014-12-07 Fix: strncpy() should pad destination. (Alexey Frunze)
2014-12-07 Fix: fseek() should return 0 on success. (Alexey Frunze)
2014-12-07 Fix: longjmp() may not pass 0 to setjmp(). (Alexey Frunze)
2014-03-21 Fix: sizeof(void) was not an error.
2014-03-13 Fix: realloc() did not work properly.
2014-03-11 Fix: _vformat() crashed on unknown % sequences.
2014-03-11 Fix: limited octal escape sequences to three digits.
2014-02-17 Fix: wrong return value in fread().
2014-02-15 Fix: %p in *printf functions printed signed value.
2013-09-25 Fix: missing error messge in linker invocation.
2013-02-28 Fix: fread() returned wrong length for partially filled buffers.
2013-02-27 Fix: setjmp()/longjmp() did not work properly.
2013-02-19 Fix: p+=n and p-=n with int *p yielded wrong result.
2013-02-18 Fix: wrong output of printf("%d", INT_MIN);
2012-05-14 Fix: reporting non-existent source files without .[sc] suffix.
2012-05-07 Fix: middle argument of ?: is an expr (not a logic op).
2012-04-16 Fix: off-by-one error in getenv().

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