The Space Jet has always been my favorite space craft from the Perry Rhodan (de) universe. With a diameter of 30m and a body height of 18m it is one of the smaller ships in that universe. Like most vessels, it is usually heavily armed, but I decided to build a civilian variant without any gun turrets. Here is a cutaway drawing from the magazine, showing the very first version that started my enthusiam some 40 years ago. Then there is my own interpretation from the 1980's, a Mini Space Jet from the magazine, and an overview over some types (from the "PR Report").

Space Jet

I took some liberties with the landing gear, which normally consists of four or six telescopic beams that extend from the perimeter of the hull. I experimented a bit and found my interpretation to be more aesthetically pleasing. The bridge is covered by an acrylic glass dome that I have tinted blue so that it provides some contrast to the background (and looks really cool! :)) There is also a page about some more construction details, in case you are interested.

Space Jet, lower hull

View from the bottom toward the open main airlock. The model is rather big (for a miniature model): at a scale of 1:150 it has a diameter of 20cm. Yes, the airlock is illuminated! I shall do some night shots at some point! :)

Space Jet, airlock close-up

Close-up of the landing gear and main airlock with a figure for scale. I will never again try to paint a 1:144 figure. :)

Space Jet, bridge close-up

The bridge is also my own interpretation. What has always seemed odd to me was that the Space Jet's direction of travel was along the center axis, i.e. the ship travels in "upward" direction. My version would travel like a frisbee (without the rotation), which is why all seats on the brigde point in the same direction: "forward".

There is the two-seat cockpit to the left, a navigation/comms station to right (top), and the commander's console also to the right (bottom). At the center, there is the antigrav lift leading to the middle deck. Yes, the model has some interior! Make sure to check it out!

Space Jet, from below

View from the bottom with the airlock closed and landing gear retracted. The steel-like finish is particularly visible in this photo.

Space Jet, night shot

Ready for lift off or mid-night party on the bridge? Who knows!

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