STATE Class Light Cruiser

This is another spaceship from the Perry Rhodan (de) Universe and, at 100m across, still one of the smaller vessels. The model below, of course, is a not very huge at a scale of 1:1000.

The construction is deceptively simple, but actually planning and building this thing was a bit of a challenge. The body is based on an acrylic sphere from a DIY market. The ring-shaped bulge is made from polystyrene (PS) sheets, this time using a circle cutter. The greatest challenge was to attach the landing gear, which extends way into the hull and is glued to a PS disk on the inside.

The gun turrets are the heads of phillips screws whose slots have been filled up with body putty. There are quite a few turrets/screws there, so the model is rather heavy. The windows (look closely!) have been made by covering them with masking tape before applying the first layer of paint and removing the tape before applying the second layer.

Engines powering up.

Space Jet to scale. If you know the Perry Rhodan universe and think that a STATE class cruiser at 100m across is not very large, have a look at the Space Jet page and then come back and view the above image again.

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