Starship ORION

A Cleaner Version

I really enjoyed the television series Raumpatrouille (Space Patrol) and some time ago built a quick & dirty model of the starship ORION from scratch. I cut a lot of corners and made a lot of mistakes, though, so I decided to give it another try. This is how it turned out (construction pics here).

The most obvious difference is that the ratio of the diameter and the height of the hull is correct now. The previous version ended up a little bulky. Then the hyperspace disc (the disc at the center of the hull) is now precision-cut and made from clear acrylic glass. So are the "energy panels" at the bottom of the hull and the support structures of the Lichtwerfer (ray guns).

The model is also a bit larger than the previous one. Its scale is 1:850, so it is 20cm across. The construction was much more involved this time. It took three weeks, but I did not spend a lot of time on it per day. I took pictures of many steps of the construction in case you are interested.

The photos were taken against a background of spray-painted matt black plywood. The acrylic glass components do not obscure the saucer form of the starship, so this take looks much more like a "real" ORION.

I also created a more detailed lower hull this time, which is much more complex than the upper part.

Bottom view with the retracted lift shaft at the center.

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