Starship ORION

A Quick & Dirty Build

ORION, side view

The entire model was built in one week from 1mm polystrene sheets and three pieces of injection mold runner poles for the Lichtwerfer (light throwers) on the top ofthe hull. All circular parts have been cut out using scissors. There are only two colors: aluminum for the hull and semigloss gray for the hyperdrive disk and elevator shaft.

Assuming that the ORION has a diameter of 140 meters (it is 128m or 150m, according to different sources), this model would be in 1:1000 scale.


upper hull body lower hull

The upper half of the hull is a circle of polystyrene with the center and a tiny segment cut away so that it can be bent to form a parabolic shape. It was heated with a hairdryer to make it more dimensionally stable.

The center body is formed by two slim strips of PS sheet that are bent to form a cylinder. The "hyperdrive disk", the largest disk in the model, is placed between the two cylinders. A piece of cardboard was used to keep the strips in shape while the glue dried.

The lower hull is formed by trapezoid segments of PS sheet.

partially painted model unfinished model

The hyperspace disk and the parts of the hull that face toward the disk had to be painted before assembling the model. The Lichtwerfer batteries are pieces of mold runner poles whose ends have been made pointy with a pencil sharpener. All other parts are pieces of PS sheet.

More Pictures

Orion, 3/4 view

3/4 view from the top. (If there is such a thing as 3/4 on a spherical shape.)

Orion, bottom view

And from the bottom.

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