Diskhound Space Fighter

When I first discovered the Diskhound kit (picture) in the 1980's, I knew immediately that it would make a great space fighter. Just remove the legs and the guns, flip it over, file off some parts and add a little putty. Finally add a cockpit and change the scale to 1:144. Here it is:


I had three of these in the 80's, built to reflect various stages of wearout. This time I only got my hands on one (as a "vintage" kit) and decided to build the middle one.

Diskhound, front side

Front view with illuminated beam guns (using flourescent color).

Diskhound, back side

Back view with illuminated engines.

Diskhound, with figure

Obligatory 1:144 figure for scale.


Yes, there is a cockpit and yes, you can open it! :)

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