____  ____  ____  ____  ____
	/ ___)/ __ \|  __)|  __)/ ___)   Scheme 9 from Empty Space
	\___ \\__  /|  __)|  __)\___ \   Yet another implementation
	(____/(___/ |_|   |____)(____/   of an interesting language

	This branch of S9fES is a hack. When something is broken or
	missing, fix it. Do with the code whatever you want, it is
	neither "mine" nor "yours". Rip it apart, make something new
	out of it, claim it is yours, re-license it, sell it, give
	it away, do not even tell me about it. This is all fine by
	me. Freedom cannot be possessed. Wherever there is freedom,
	it belongs to all.

	Being a hack, in this case, does not mean that the code is
	fragile. Au contraire. The S9 interpreter has been running
	large amounts of code for very long times without breaking,
	and I trust it to run even the most critical programs.

	It does mean, though, that when it *does* break, you are on
	your own. I have been hacking it for fun and may or may not
	consider fixing any bugs reported to me.

	Nils M Holm

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