Problems with PDF Files

Some people have reported problems with PDF files downloaded at (like missing letters, bad kerning, files not showing in various PDF readers). If you have such a file, send it to me and I will replace it with a working copy. In addition, please do file a problem report with's support! It will help them track down the problem!

Looking for a BoD and E-Book Publisher!

Due to an increasing number of technical problems with my current book on demand publisher, Lulu Press, I am looking for alternatives.

I am looking for a publisher who offers the following. If you know any such publisher or are a representative of such a publisher, please contact me!

Non-exclusive distribution rights
I will retain the copyright to all titles I publish. This point is not negotiable. Exclusive distribution rights can be granted, if they can be terminated on short notice (up to one month).
World-wide distribution and English shop interface
My books are in English and are bought by English-speaking customers all over the world. I prefer to link directly to a publisher, so their online shop should have an English language option!
Distribution in print, PDF, and EPUB format
Ideally, all three formats are supported. A hardcover option would be nice, but is not essential. There must be an option to upload camera-ready PDF files and pre-formatted PDF and EPUB e-books.
Distribution in PDF and EPUB format
I might also be interested in a pure e-book publisher. E-books must be distributed exactly as provided by me. Imprint details, company logos, etc can be discussed.
Royalty payment via bank transfer or check
Paypal is also acceptable as long as other options exist.
No recurring payments
Some publishers want recurring payments for "storage" or other "services". This is a show stopper.

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