Nils M Holm

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
—Jiddu Krishnamurti

Nils is an outsider, and outlier, and a misfit in a society that celebrates competition, wittiness, and quick responses to everything. He likes to take his time, think things through, see the big picture, and actually feel his feelings. From his perspective, most human beings are oblivious to the mavelous things that go on around them, because they are too busy chasing whatever they are chasing that the moment.


Career (LOL)

Nils has been kicked out of school, has dropped out of job training and then out of university, and has quit a few well-paying jobs in technology (among others: for an IBM shop, a Linux startup, and a SAP contractor). The traits fostered in business and academia are simply not compatible with his values.

He started writing books in the 1990's, but did not sell any copies until on-demand publishing caught on in the 2000's. Today, despite being mostly invisible, his books somehow manage to sell a few hundred copies per year (for low values of "a few").

Nils has lived in relative poverty for most parts of his life. Without the recurring help of his relatives, he would have died long ago.


[cutaway drawing]

Nils is interested in many things. He has studied computer science, sociology, and many other topics, but without ever earning a degree. He enjoys simple things, like watching little insects, studying beautiful prose and algorithms, and taking walks in solitude.

He has composed books about all kinds of topics, ranging from computer science to science fiction, buddhism and meditation. However, he has published only a fraction of them, because he lacks the resources to market them properly. He also used to write, draw, and craft all kinds of science fiction stuff.

Nils has always had a soft spot for LISPy languages, their history, and their implementation. He has also invented and/or implemented several programming languages, among others: T3X in the 1990's, Klong, recently, as well as various dialects of LISP.

Another one of his interests is the effects of intelligence and sensitivity on social integration. He has met so many highly intelligent and/or highly sensitive persons who lived their lives on the margins of society that he started to suspect causation.

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