Nils M Holm

Nils appreciates the soft tunes. Most people will not understand this, but those who do will enjoy his company. — GŁnter Holm

It is hard to understand how lonely a creature can be unless you have experienced being alone among fellow human beings. Nils has met a handful of people in his life who did not make him feel lonely.

From his perspective, human beings are mostly oblivious of the marvelous things that go on around them and especially to the finer nuances of human expression, which makes them seem distant and lifeless most of the time.

Nils enjoys meeting individual people, group interaction only confuses him. If understanding on the emotional level is not reciprocal, though, his capacity for meeting is limited to a few hours per week. This means, of course, that he lived his life pretty much on his own so far: few friends, occasional jobs, little feedback on his work. A highly sensitive creature in an emotional vacuum.


Career (LOL)

Nils has been kicked out of school, has dropped out of job training and then out of university, and has quit a few well-paying jobs in technology, because he experienced his co-workers as assertive and competitive — no, these are not desirable traits in his book! ;) — and the work as uninteresting.

He started writing books in the 1990's, but did not sell any copies until on-demand publishing caught on in the 2000's. Today, despite being mostly invisible, his books somehow manage to sell a few hundred copies per year (for low values of "a few").

Nils has lived in relative poverty (less than 40% of the median equivalent income in the region) for extended periods of his life.

[3D curve]


Nils is attracted by anything that is beautiful: math, nature, little insects, and the bright sun rays that fill the sky in the summer days, but most of all by the fragile reflection of empathy and sensitivity in the eyes of beings that are similar to himself.

He enjoys mathematics, but at an amateur level, because it is a subject that is hard to master in a vacuum. He has also invented several programming languages, among others: T3X in the 1990's and Klong, recently.

Nils is also interested in the effects of intelligence and sensitivity on social integration. He has met so many highly intelligent and/or highly sensitive persons who lived their lives at the margins of society that he started to suspect causation. Here are some articles and essays about this topic.