Major Updates

2018-10-23 Scheme from Empty Space, Reimagined (update)
2018-08-02 Compiling Lambda Calculus (second edition!)
2018-05-18 Site is ready for GDPR
2018-03-24 XT3X -- Write Video Games Like in the 1980's (new)
2018-02-25 Science Fiction Gallery (new)
2018-02-13 Raja Yoga Revisited (republished book)
2018-01-20 An Introduction to Array Programming in Klong (new book)
2017-11-26 New Klong version with extended syntax (update)
2017-11-11 Klong ported to Plan 9 (update)
2017-11-08 Attention in the Digital Age (new)
2017-10-30 An Introduction to Statistics with Klong (new)
2017-10-22 The Two-Party System is the Fixed Point of Representative Democracy (new)
2017-10-11 NMH's Incomplete Dictionary of Statistics (new book)
2017-04-27 Write your own Compiler (new book)
2017-04-27 New version of the T3X language (new)

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