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PROLOG Interpreter

A tiny PROLOG interpreter, discussed here.

;; This program is based on a tiny Prolog interpreter in MacLisp
;; by Ken Kahn, as published in SAIL AIList Digest V1, #47, 1983.
;; I (NMH) have applied the following modifications:
;; - translation to Kilo LISP
;; - variables are resolved in list values, so lists
;;   can be used in goals, see APPEND example
;; - all frames print without user interaction
;; - renaming uses atoms, because there are no numbers
;; - TRY (formerly TRY-EACH) function has fewer variables
;; - variable names are shorter

(setq varp
  (lambda (x)
    (and (not (atom x))
         (eq (car x) '//))))

(setq lookup
  (lambda (x a)
    (cond ((null a) nil)
          ((equal x (caar a)) (car a))
          (else (lookup x (cdr a))))))

(setq value
  (lambda (x e)
    (if (varp x)
        (let ((b (lookup x e)))
          (if (null b)
              (value (cadr b) e)))

(setq rename
  (lambda (term n)
    (cond ((atom term) term)
          ((varp term) (conc term n))
          (else (cons (rename (car term) n)
                      (rename (cdr term) n))))))

(setq resolve
  (lambda (x e)
    (cond ((atom x) x)
          ((varp x) (resolve (value x e) e))
          (else (cons (resolve (car x) e)
                      (resolve (cdr x) e))))))

(setq prframes
  (lambda (e)
    (print '/ )
    (loop pr ((ee e))
      (cond ((cdr ee)
              (cond ((eq '0 (caddr (caar ee)))
                      (prin (cadr (caar ee)))
                      (prin '/=)
                      (print (resolve (caar ee) e))))
              (pr (cdr ee)))))))

(setq unify
  (lambda (x y e)
    (let ((x (value x e))
          (y (value y e)))
      (cond ((varp x) (cons (list x y) e))
            ((varp y) (cons (list y x) e))
            ((or (atom x) (atom y))
              (and (eq x y) e))
              (let ((ne (unify (car x) (car y) e)))
                (and ne (unify (cdr x) (cdr y) ne))))))))

(setq succ
  (lambda (x)
    (let ((n (memb x #01234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)))
      (if (or (null n)
              (null (cdr n)))
          (error 'too/ many/ variables)
          (cadr n)))))

(setq try
  (lambda (goals rules db e n)
    (if (null rules)
        (let ((asn (rename (car rules) (list n))))
          (let ((ne (unify (car goals) (car asn) e))) 
            (cond ((null ne)
                    (try goals (cdr rules) db e n))
                  ((prove (conc (cdr asn) (cdr goals)) 
                          (succ n)))
                    (try goals (cdr rules) db e n))))))))

(setq prove
  (lambda (goals e db n)
    (cond ((null goals)
            (prframes e))
            (try goals db db e n)))))

(setq prolog
  (lambda (db goal)
    (prove (list (rename goal '(0)))

(setq db '(((append nil (// l) (// l)))
           ((append ((// x) . (// xs)) (// ys) ((// x) . (// zs)))
            (append (// xs) (// ys) (// zs)))))


(setq db '(((father jack ken))
           ((father jack karen))
           ((grandparent (// grandparent) (// grandchild))
            (parent (// grandparent) (// parent))
            (parent (// parent) (// grandchild)))
           ((mother el ken))
           ((mother cele jack))
           ((parent (// parent) (// child))
            (mother (// parent) (// child)))
           ((parent (// parent) (// child))
            (father (// parent) (// child)))))

(setq db '(((man socrates))
           ((mortal (// x))
            (man (// x)))))

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