An Introduction to Array Programming in Klong

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Lulu Press, 2018 • 100 pages • 6" x 9" format

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How does #'= create a frequency distribution and why does ,/:~ flatten a list of lists? Array programming is different: terse, abstract, and not at all like your usual procedural or functional programming language.

This book introduces you to the world of solving problems with array operators, adverbs, idioms, and functions. Using examples of varying complexity, from a mundane matrix formatter to a complete Gaussian elimination solver, it takes you on an entertaining tour through the Klong language.

After reading this book, you will never again think that */1+!x is just a bunch of random characters. You will discover the beauty behind the brevity of array programming! Even if you plan to learn a different array language, do read this book! It's fun!

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