A Kilo Byte-Sized LISP System

klisp.tgz (27KB, KL16)  |  klisp.txt  |  kl.exe (DOS, 14KB)  | (DOS, 13KB)

Kilo LISP is a small interpreter for purely symbolic LISP. Its source consists of 25K bytes of comprehensible code (20KB C, 5KB LISP) and it runs in 64K bytes of memory. None the less it offers:

The code should compile with any C89 (K&R2/ANSI/ISO) C compiler. It even compiles with Turbo C 2.0 or SubC. It does not use any stdio functions and compiles to a static executable of 29K bytes using SubC, 13K bytes using Turbo C, and 512K bytes using GCC (LOL).

Language-wise, Kilo LISP is a LISP-1 using tail recursion to implement iteration. It is a bit like Scheme, but using more LISPy syntax and function names. See the manual for details.

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